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Strawberries Are Almost Here!

We will have u-pick and pre picked strawberries available in one to two weeks!

Strawberry prices: TBD

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Strawberry Season typically starts around mid April and goes until early June. We offer u-pick and pre-picked strawberries. We have three large strawberry patches and this is a great family friendly activity for all ages. This is our most popular season at the farm, because our organic strawberries are just that good!

Blueberry season is the quickest out of all of our u-pick berries, lasting only a month. Don’t let this short season sway you as we produce some of the best blueberries in the state, if we may say so ourselves. Blueberry season typically starts early June and goes until the beginning of July. We offer u-pick and pre-picked blueberries.

Blackberry season lasts about two to three months. Starting around the end of June going until August. our blackberries have been known to be the size of ones thumb!

Mums start in the beginning of September and we have them until we sell out! What makes our mums special is that we grow them from seeds and in the 2022 season we planted 13,000 mums! Mums are a very popular fall plant due to their hardiness, making them very easy to take care of. We offer mums in a wide array of colors and sizes making them the perfect fall decoration for your porch.